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WARSIM is a multiplayer mission for ArmA 3. Its main focus is to provide players with a persistent, rewarding and somewhat realistic war zone. Experience a persistent world with progressive military careers. Go on deployment with your friends, get promoted through the ranks, train to be specialist roles and lots more! The rebels have gained territory across Altis. Your job is to restore peace and enforce security throughout the area.

  • Persistence - We save your position, loadout, role, rank, direction, deployments, everything.
  • Deployments - Go on deployment and spend your time at a forward operating base. You can't return to HQ until the job's done.
  • Rally Points - Create rally points for your group as you push into enemy territory. These are essentially mobile respawn positions only available to your group.
  • Roles - As you progress through the ranks, new roles open up for you.

There are lots more features to be added such as special forces missions and advanced roles but right now the basic roles and basic deployments is what I am focusing on for the alpha.

WARSIM is currently in development and will soon be open for public testing in its alpha stage.


  1. Gameplay Guide
  2. Mission Parameters
  3. Feature List