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There is huge emphasis on team work. If players are all in separate groups on different deployments then chances are no one will progress during their session. When you're in a group and you request a deployment it will ask you if you want to join your group leader's deployment. If you're the group leader and you start your own deployment, an invitation will be sent to your group members.



Roles are part of the player progression. As you rank up more roles will unlock for you. There are 4 different basic roles you can choose from: Medic, Repair, Pilot and Sniper. When you become one of those roles you are then allowed to choose that roles loadout. For example if you weren't the medic role, you wouldn't be able to choose the medic loadout. Each role has different perks that allow them to play the mission differently. Taking the pilot for example, pilots can fly any aircraft (including UAV drones) and will get CAS missions from other players at FOBs. Pilots are not restricted to just fly aircrafts, you can be a pilot but use an infantry loadout to go on the ground if you wish.

The rank requirements for roles is as follows:

  • Medic - Private (0 Tours)
  • Repair - Corporal (1 Tour)
  • Pilot - Sergeant (2 Tours)
  • Sniper - Lieutenant (3 Tours)

BasicRoles.jpg AdvancedRoles.jpg

Air Support

This in-house air support menu allows players to quickly request CAS by clicking on the person they would like to receive CAS from (you can choose someone you know or the particular vehicle you want) and then click on the map at the location they want ordinance and then click "Confirm Request". This will then send a message to the requested player and they can then fly over, provide CAS and complete the request.

This menu is subject to change as WARSIM progresses.


View Distance

Credits to Champ-1 for this brilliant view distance script!

Everyone knows what view distance is and that we need an option to change it, so here it is! To access go to the WARSIM MENU and click View Distance.



The armory is where you select your loadout. Loadout's are pre-defined and you're not able to change which weapon you're given or the amount of ammo etc. This is mainly to prevent people going on tour without the correct equipment. Nothing's worse than turning to your team mate for a smoke grenade and for him to say he doesn't have one... Everyone gets a good amount of ammunition, grenades, smoke bombs, chemlights, IR strobe, first aid kits and all the other usual gear like night vision and binoculars etc. You can change some attachments on the second page of the armory (click the top bar).

By default everyone is able to choose the rifleman, marksman and machinegunner loadouts.

When advanced roles are implemented there will be a separate armory for the special forces. This will essentially just include more SF loadouts with less supplies but more power to cope with the mission they're on. There will also be some missions that require certain gear so for example if a group of SF soldiers went on an underwater mission then they'd all be given scuba gear automatically.

Some people will moan about the gear being fixed loadouts but I personally prefer simplicity in a mission and I think it's important people focus on their task, not the colour of their weapon.


Rally Points

Rally points are mobile respawn positions. You can deploy a rally point by going to the WARSIM MENU > Create Rally Point. Often times your objective is quite far away from your FOB which means you need a closer respawn position if one of your team mate dies. When you're on a deployment you will only be allowed to respawn at a rally point or your FOB. You are not allowed to respawn at HQ when on tour.

When you create a rally point, it is only available for your group. Creating a rally point will destroy any previous rally point that you've created. This means that if your group has 10 players in it, you could have 10 rally points. This is subject to change and eventually only group leaders will be able to place rally points.


Vehicles on WARSIM are mainly there as transport. Since the Alpha only has very simple zones with civilians and rebels, there's no need for tanks or IFV's. All vehicles will respawn if destroyed or deserted. Each FOB has roughly 2 Hunter's and 3 quad bikes. If you're a pilot and you can't find any aircrafts, then you must be blind. See below for the base vehicles (this may change):

  • 2x Blackfoot
  • 3x Wipeout
  • 3x UAV
  • 4x Huron
  • 2x Pawnee
  • 2x Hummingbird
  • 2x Ghost Hawk

Base Building

Players with the repair role get the ability to place fortification objects. These objects are persistent and cannot be created when near the HQ or another base. There's also the ability to mark a position as an observation post. This will make a big difference on how the game is played.

Players can place a flag (observation post marker) which will then act as a deployment zone. This means that anyone requesting a deployment may be spawned and deployed at your OP. If you die the game will choose respawn positions around your designated FOB. This means you'll be able to spawn at both your FOB, OP's in the area and of course rally points.

Eventually OPs will be improved to allow players who build large bases turn their creations into usable FOBs and perhaps even airbases.