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There are a number of mission parameters you can set for WARSIM. Most of these parameters I suggest you don't change however I'm a fan of giving freedom to the user and if you want to see what happens when X is Y then go ahead!

Debug Messages

When enabled this will show debug messages in system chat for both the server and the client. This is disabled by default and is only really used for development.

Player Fatigue

When disabled the game will not use BI's fatigue system. Defaults to disabled (expected to change).

Save Interval

This is the amount of seconds to wait before saving again. If you feel the server is not fast enough to process a write operation on a file set this value higher. Most servers and in fact all proper servers (with the right hardware) should have no problem writing to a file every 5 seconds. Defaults to 5 seconds.

Rally Point Deploy Delay

How long the player has to wait before their rally point is deployed. Defaults to 10 seconds.

Zone Precision

How precise the scanning of locations is for zones. A lower value may take longer but will often produce more available zone locations. Increase this value if zones are taking too long to spawn. Defaults to 10.

Maximum Zone Count

Set the maximum amount of zones allowed. This is not necessarily the amount of zones you'll get, but it will never exceed this value. Defaults to 10.

Minimum Distance Between Zones

If a zone location is too close to another zone it won't be used. A higher value means there is less chance multiple zones will be picked. Defaults to 500 meters.

Maximum Zone Radius

Maximum size for a zone. The larger the size the more enemies will spawn for that zone. Defaults to 500.

Zone Scan Radius

This is the radius the zone selection will scan. A higher radius may spawn zones very far away. Recommended to keep this below 3000. Defaults to 2500.

Vehicle Respawn Delay

Set how long it takes a vehicle to respawn. Defaults to 300 (5 minutes).

Deserted Vehicle Respawn Delay

Set how long it takes for a vehicle to respawn once deserted. Defaults to 900 (15 minutes).


Set the timezone for the mission. If you want the game to be night when it's night in your timezone, here's where you set it. Defaults to 0 (GMT).